#9 Foxtail Reply Envelope


A #9 Foxtail Reply Envelope looks like a #9 bangtail but is a lot cleverer, because the donor’s name shows through the window of envelopes you already have in your office.

By using Foxtails, a fundraising campaign can be run on a shoestring budget, and still have great success.

You can buy Foxtails unprinted or printed, as well as all of the individual pieces needed for a mailing. Please note that the pricing shown on this page refers only to unprinted or printed #9 Foxtail Reply Envelopes.

Here’s what you need for a complete campaign (we can provide all, or any portion of these):

  1. Standard #10 window envelope printed with your logo and address
  2. “Call to action” covering letter
  3. Foxtail reply envelopes printed with your generic message
  4. Donor’s contact info and source code printed on the Foxtail reply envelope
  5. Inserting of the above, including match mail, of the covering letter & Foxtail
  6. Postage and Mailing

Please use the quote form below to let us know on which of these pieces you would like us to quote, up to and including the entire mailing.

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