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SAGE A-Plus Rating 2013
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Chances are, you’ve held a Sheppard envelope or package
in your hand without even knowing it.

From central Massachusetts, we send our envelopes across our country and abroad to carry the essential communications of organizations, institutions, businesses, and ordinary folk. We recognize that when it comes to effective communication and packaging, the right envelope is an integral component of a greater whole.

Sheppard Envelope prides itself on innovative products, good value, environmental sensitivity, and extraordinary customer service. While we continue to offer the same attentive family service begun nearly a century ago, our commitment to progressive manufacturing is at our core. Our skilled employees, the latest technology, a modern plant, responsive sales staff, and strategic, efficient management guarantee that Sheppard delivers the very best quality to every customer, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as Mobil Oil, Pitney Bowes, and Ely Lily.

We are a five-time winner in the annual PINE (Printing Industry of New England) AWARD OF EXCELLENCE competition. In 2013 we won a Pinnacle award (the highest possible award for our category) for the conversion of a 6 x 9 booklet envelope for RR Donnelley and their client, Nestle Holdings.

Our personnel have been responsible for the granting of several envelope related patents, and our facilities have been sought out and subcontracted to Fortune 500 companies for feasibility and improvements to envelope products that they were intending to bring to market.

Sheppard Envelope Co. was a founding member of the Envelope Manufacturer's Association (now a world-wide organization), and J. Lincoln Spaulding, our President, is a former Chairman of the EMA Board of Directors.

Sheppard Envelope Products are Made in the USA

All of our core products are manufactured at our plant in Auburn, Massachusetts, which is a short commute from Worcester, the second largest city in New England. We use only US made materials in every phase of our manufacturing operations. This is not a new practice for us, designed to capitalize on the in-vogue PC push to Buy American. It has been our practice since our founding in Worcester in 1921.

What does a practicing physician-turned-inventor, envelopes, bicycles,
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