Adobe® PDF

Embed all fonts (or convert text to vector outline before creating PDF). PDF files should be provided as high resolution files with all elements color separated and assigned proper Pantone® uncoated colors.

Files should be accurate regarding size, position, color, etc. Only minor modifications will be made free of charge.

Photoshop® CC or earlier: EPS, PSD, TIFF

All files should be created or scanned at a minimum 300 dpi resolution, 100% size. Exception: For text elements, we require a minimum 600 dpi resolution (1200 dpi preferred).

Changing a low-resolution file (72 dpi) to be 300 dpi is not recommended and does not provide the same high resolution quality.

Layers should be left intact whenever possible.

Fonts used may not be compatible with our system, so it is best to convert text to vector outline. Text may also be rasterized if it is at least 1200 dpi (NOT 300 dpi, which is the default resolution for PSD files).

Color files should be converted to grayscale (areas in the image that are to print 100% solid should read 100% black) with desired color indicated in order comments, or as monotone image with Pantone® uncoated color assigned.

Color files can be submitted in the following method: Multi-layered TIFF file w/ each color on its own layer.

1 and 2 color files submitted in CMYK or RGB format can sometimes be converted or color separated for an additional art fee that will be determined depending on the complexity of the file.

Colors can be chosen with a reasonable degree of accuracy but it is strongly recommended that colors be chosen from Pantone® uncoated swatches and indicated in comments when order is placed.

JPG and GIF files are generally low resolution and produce poor results when printed, therefore these are not recommended file formats.

Illustrator® CC or earlier: EPS, AI

All file elements should be assigned a Pantone® uncoated color.

Fonts used may not be compatible with our system, so it is best to convert text to vector outline.

Embed any linked images (EPS, TIFF, etc.)


Word is not an acceptable format for imprint-ready artwork. If Word is used, do not include any graphics or placed images (send them separately and indicate placement). Do not apply any other color than black to content. Please save Word® documents as PDF files and send both the Word doc and the PDF.