Custom Sized Envelopes

If you need custom sized envelopes, we make them in sizes as small as 1″ x 1″ up to 12″ x 15-1/2″. Within these size ranges and even beyond, there is virtually no size that we cannot manufacture.

The construction can vary widely, from opening on the long dimension to opening on the short. Seams can be side seams, center and bottom, one side only, or diagonal. There can be one window or multiple windows including windows on both the face and the back. Seal flaps can be gummed, ungummed, latex seal, peel n seal, even Velcro! Envelopes can be tabbed in lots as small as 4, or banded in 6’s up to 100’s. Need a gold or silver foil lining inside an A-size? No problem.

Sheppard-made envelopes can be found where you would never expect an envelope to survive and perform, like protecting metal surfaces where corrosion resistance or anti-tarnish inhibitors are required.

Tell us the attributes that you would like built into your envelopes, and we will do our best to meet or exceed those needs.