Lithographic Conversion


When it comes to litho conversion, no one does it better.

Every year since 2007 we have received an Award of Excellence from PINE (the Printing Industry of New England) for the quality of our envelope conversions. In 2013 we received the highest award, the Pinnacle, for the conversion of the Nestle Holding envelope for RR Donnelley, CT.

These achievements are not random acts of kindness by Pine, but are fitting testaments to our preoccupation with treating litho like the gold that it is. From the moment your stock arrives at our dock, we leave no steps unturned to make sure the finished envelopes meet or exceed your highest expectations.

After nearly 100 years in business we have accumulated a huge inventory of cutting dies to make envelopes of almost any size from 1” x 1” up to 10” x 13”. During that same time period we have also learned how to handle a large range of substrates that other converters won’t go near, including 90# cover.

Lithographic conversion layout showing dieline positioningOf course, templates and e-layouts are provided at no charge. We urge you to put one or more of your possibly underutilized presses to work as the progenitor of gorgeous envelopes. Or, if you would rather have the mark-up but not the bother, send us the files and we’ll do the whole job complete under your name, with no Sheppard markings, of course.We have more than 1,000 e-layouts in our litho library to which we add daily, so our turn-around time on this critical phase of a project is swift. On the other hand, we are sticklers for getting sign-off signatures on hard copy proof sheets which is a practice that has proven its value over and over again. Measure twice and saw once, as carpenters say.