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custom envelopes including 9x12 booklet with window, truck shaped window, metallic paper gift card envelope, and tuck flap envelope

When the first impression must be a lasting impression, custom envelopes deliver.

The message: You want your envelopes to deliver a powerful, first impression image. You can’t find an off-the-shelf envelope that will do it.

Size: The size you need is not available.

Paper Color: You want something different (perhaps a bright lime and all that you can find is a pastel).

Function: You want an envelope that is waterproof, or at least water resistant. Or perhaps you need an envelope that is tarnish resistant, or tear resistant. You want all those features in your favorite lime green color, or would you prefer a metallic color?

Unwanted information shows through the window: moving the window around or changing the window size is, for us, just part of a day’s work. On the front of the envelope, on the back, two on the front, two on the front and one on the back almost any configuration is possible.

The shape or weight of what is going in the envelope is not compatible with any envelope that is commonly available: The cost effective solution to this packaging problem can often be something as simple as an innovative envelope. We make ours as small as 1 x 1 and up to as large as 12 x 15-1/2.

You want your envelope to tell a visual story, like this envelope that we think is perfect for Scott Brown (the newly elected republican senator from Massachusetts):

truck shaped window on envelope

Or this envelope for Amherst College that has an inside tint that not only provides security for the contents, it also reinforces the Amherst brand:

Amherst College Security Tint brand reinforcement application

Your Custom Envelope Check list:

  • What it is you want your custom envelopes to do (how are they to be used)?
  • What is going inside?
  • How many envelopes you are interested in buying?
  • The size?
  • Printing?
  • Windows?
  • How will this envelope reach the recipient?
    —US Mail
    —Bound into a catalog or periodical
    —Rack display
    —Other method
  • Environmental concerns?


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